On Page Optimization

ON Page SEO or ON Site Optimization:

On Page SEO is the basic foundational part of the overall SEO strategy implementation taken for any website. This optimization process mainly focuses on indexation, crawl ability, website and documentary relevancy. All the ON Page optimization should maintain some industrial guidelines that can be executed in a proper way for any website. It is the process which will make your website appealing towards the Search Engines as well as for the Users too. It improves both the front end or public face and backend or coding sections which technically set up the website for Search Engines.

Any Search Engine is not able to evaluate your website as per the human point of view. It cannot evaluate that how your website has been designed nicely or how much value of your products or services provide. So, it can only judge your website from technical point of view. Thus, overall ON Page Optimization is the process laid down while building any website starting from content to Google submission.

It is a wide ranging process and definitely varies from website to website. But there are some common and major factors in ON Page SEO which need to take care for any website:

  1. Optimized the Meta tag Title, Description, Header tags, Alt Tags as well as URL structure too.
  2. Each Page should have unique and informative title and description.
  3. Unique Quality content with properly keywords optimized
  4. Proper Keywords research according to the service of the website
  5. Assign keywords on each existing page or create new page to target exact keywords.
  6. Analysis the Competitor website for better understanding
  7. Should be responsive and optimized both for mobile/ tablet and desktop.
  8. Check site loading time on different web browsers and optimize it accordingly.
  9. Also need to focus on the screen resolution of the website.
  10. Analyze the inbound links with relevant inner page linking process.
  11. Check and ensure call to actions located in proper position. Each page need to have contact or enquiry form as well as contact details.
  12. Proper URL listing through Sitemap creation so that Search Engine can easily understand and crawl the pages.
  13. Check linking of inner pages from home page with proper navigation.
  14. Understand the importance of pages and accordingly block or allow pages for the search engines to be crawled.
  15. Create, modify, and improve the readability of the content.
  16. Check and fix broken links.
  17. Remove unnecessary pages, contents, links and errors from the website.
  18. Add structured data mark u0o when and where required.
  19. Internal linking on the contents where appropriate.
  20. Create user friendly 404 error page to reduce bounce rate and user potentiality.
  21. Set-Up Google Analytics and Search Console.
  22. XML Sitemap submission and indexing the pages in Google.
  23. Ensure each page has social media icons and links for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.


SEO Master has been divided the above overall optimization process into different sections while implementing on the website:

Website Auditing & Consulting
Competitor Analysis and Comparison
Appropriate technical implementation
Content Optimization & Creation
Internal Linking Strategy Development
Conversion Rate Optimization
Website Development or Technical Coding Section Checking
Our professional and experiences SEO team has been worked on many websites from different part of the world and already achieved great results through their ON Site expertise.